Simple Green Living

Simple Green Living

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Frugal Living Tips

Some simple steps to frugal living with tips to have a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle.

Frugal living goes hand in hand with a simple green lifestyle. The more simply you live, the more frugal you become.

While my site is essentially about living a green lifestyle , let’s take a look at how you can become a frugal mom (or frugal dad), have a bit of frugal fun and learn some other frugal tips.

If you are already a frugal person, I encourage you to submit your own frugal living ideas for other people to get inspiration.

Let’s get going towards a frugal lifestyle…

Tip #1 – Food

One of the biggest places that you can start living frugally is by looking at food. This entails looking at your approach and beliefs in feeding yourself and your family. While it may be easier and more conveniant to just grab a ready made box or dinner, these are never as wholesome, earth friendly or frugal as learning to cook from scratch. >>>Read more…

Tip #2 – Your home

Where are the money wasters in your home? Be it leaking faucets, overusing heaters and tumble dryers or bad planning: we will consider all of these factors. Learn more about how to save water and how to save on electricity.

Appliances, large and small, are energy vampires; they suck electricity when they are being used, as well as when they are not being used. appliance parts can be bought at many local hardware and plumbing stores that can make any appliance more energy efficient. If your budget allows for it, buying new Energy-Star rated appliances can also save you energy as well as money.

You can also learn how to make homemade cleaners which will save you a good amount of cash in the long run!

Tip #3 – Your transport

frugal livingTravelling to work and back, using your car for unnecessary errands, cars that are not regularly serviced, yes…all of this wastes money. You can save yourself a chunk of cash in so many simple ways by reading this article. >>>Read more…

Tip #4 – Your budget

Some may laugh and say what budget? - That was me a few years ago. A frugal budget is imperative for a better lifestyle, as well as a way of getting out of debt. >>>Read more…

Tip #5 – Entertainment

All work and no play makes a mom sad! Not with these frugal fun tips for families. >>>Read more:

Tip #6 – Savvy Homemade

Savvy Homemade is dedicated to sharing money saving ideas, home made projects, ways to go green, and how to live in an unstable economy by learning to make your own things instead of always buying them.
Learn how to be frugal minded with free and frugal tips, diy home projects, recipes, crafts, household cleaning and other ways to save money.

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