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“Green Cement” Is Now Available For New Construction Projects

“Green Cement” Is Now Available….Rizal green cement is now available for new building projects, the cement was created by CEMEX and claims to save 30 trees per house built and also reduce carbon emission by up to 32%! This is a fantastic choice for building those eco-friendly and energy efficient structures.
Rizal green boasts an all purpose masonry cement to be used in semi structures as well as things such as fencing, driveways and slabs for residential construction. This research took two years to conduct and the CEMEX Corporation has patented the formula that cuts down on the Co2 emission by up to 32%, so far CEMEX has commented and said the market feedback from its customers has all been positive and very encouraging.

CEMEX is the only cement manufacturing company in the world that carries the prestigious green choice label on it’s products, this was given by the National Eco Labelling program.

Apo green is another one of the CEMEX products which was produced 1 year after Rizal green, both of these products are priced lower than similar products on the market today. So not only are they priced lower but they also cut down on emissions and Co2.



CEMEX are leaders in the building materials industry and provide materials and their cement in more than 50 countries throughout the world. CEMEX have been contracted to work many big jobs including Heathrow, Terminal 2 using their concrete for the foundations. CEMEX also have a £7 million a year contract with Birmingham Private Finance Initiative who buy 30,000 tonnes of asphalt per year!.

The asphalt will be delivered to sites within 10 miles of the plant to cut down on carbon emissions by the lorries transporting the materials. CEMEX generate over £775 million in sales each year, this just goes to show how popular their brand is, with the new Rizal green should see their sales rocket with eco lovers buying into the brand.

For more up to date information on CEMEX, check out theirnews section.

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