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Simple Green Living

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Basic Homesteading Skills

What are the basic homesteading skills that you need to be successful in your Urban Homesteading journey?

Whether you are going to just grow a few veggies or go all our for a self sufficient lifestyle there are many skills that you will need along the way.

Cook from scratch – don’t buy it if you can make it! Learn to make your own…Frugality

Soft Cheese
Fruit juice
Pies and more at the link above

Don’t forget the pets, you can give them a more natural diet, that is frugal and healthy!

Dog Food
Dog Treats
Cat Food

Growing vegetables

Besides for being healthier for you, learning how to grow your own vegetables reduces your food miles and helps you to eat local (really local!) seasonal produce. Whether you have always grown something of you own and regardless of where you live, growing your own veggies in your home vegetable garden is one of the must have skills.

Canning surplus produce

homesteading skillsSometimes your garden can produce more that what you can eat. You will need homesteading skills in canning to use up a glut of tomatoes, store peas and beans or pickle chillies and peppers.

Back to basic’s cleaning

Despite what the shelves and shelves of cleaning materials in your local store tell you, eco friendly cleaning is quite simple. You can leave behind the chemical mixes which are polluting our water supply and use some simple home made cleaners to keep your home hygienically clean.

Soap Making

Soap making is shunned by many as a process that is too difficult, when in actual fact it is a skill that you can learn quite easily. How good it is to know that your skin, and that of your family, is just getting some pure ingredients on it to stay hygienically clean. If you keep goats on your homestead, you can learn how to make goats milk soap too!


Whether you will sew to mend, create your own soft home furnishings or sew your children’s clothes, basic hand and machine sewing is a good homesteading skill to own. As children get older and have more specific tastes in clothes you may not continue to sew their clothes for them but turn your attention to other areas. Buy mending clothes, instead of just throwing them away, you will also be taking that first step in recycling skills – REUSE!


Honestly, I am not a big knitter. But through the years I have knitted jerseys for my younger children, blanket squares for warm winter blankets and booties for babies, gloves and beanies for ourselves. If you want to learn to knit, then Google “learn to knit” and a host of sites pop up to help you!

You can also join for wonderful forums, groups and free knitting patternsCandle Making

There is something so romantic about learning to make your own perfumed candles. While it is no longer a necessity on the modern world to have candles for light, candle making is one of those nice, but not necessary homesteading skills. People who have excess goats milk have been known to make candles with it.

Keeping chickens

Keeping urban chickens is a simple process as your flock is small and disease is not rife. If you are on a rural homestead and you have the space for a larger flock, for eggs and slaughter, then you have to watch over your flock carefully.


As I write this section of my website, we are actively involved in researching beekeeping in an urban setting. This is an exciting step for our family as not only will it help our pollination problems that we have had with our squashes, it will also bring more bees to help the declining bee population in our town. And we hope that after a year or so we will harvest some delicious honey!

If you are going to be moving onto a large plot where you can keep your own slaughter animals, then you may need further homesteading skills in how to keep goats, sheep and cattle. On this page you will find some of the best homesteading books which will cover how to keep animals for slaughter amongst may other homesteading skills that you can learn.

Tools and Equipment

Wondering what tools or equipment you will need to start on your homesteading journey? Worry no more! Read Homesteading Tools and Equipment for an informed viewpoint to help get you started. One invaluable piece of equipment for most homesteading lifestyles is the good old tractor, so also check out the site for tractors for sale.

In need of heating service in Needham , MA? Look no further than the heating and AC experts of Woodacre.

Lastly, do check out some of my favourite homesteading links which are conveniently placed on a separate page for you.

Go Greener

Let’s be honest, sometimes living a simple green lifestyle is not always easier. In fact it can add more time to your day. So here’s the challenge… chooose to slow down the pace of your life. Budget more time for the urban homesteading pursuits that are listed above.Make it your goal to learn a new homesteading skill each month, whether it be learning how to make soap, or how to make compost…give it your best shot!

Your Self Sufficiency Journey

Inspire other people with your own story. Share your self sufficient lifestyle journey with us, whether you are living off grid on a farm, on grid in the city or are in between the two.

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