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How To Make A Kite

For some frugal fun learn how to make a kite with your children.

This simple diamond kite is one that we have made a few times. We have found it to be a champion flyer in light winds.

You will need:
A double spread newspaper
Two wooden dowel or bamboo rods (about 90 cm and 1m)
Some strong thin twine
Sticky tape or craft glue

We like the feel of the old fashioned newspaper kite, but you can get plain butchers paper and decorate it with paints or felt tipped pens.

1. Cut a ridge in the ends of each dowel rod deep enough to hold the string.

2. Tie the dowels together tightly at the exact centre of the rods so that the slightly shorter rod lies horizontally over the longer rod.

3. Take your long piece of string and make a frame fitting it into the groove on each dowel. On the ends of the longer vertical rod make a loop. You may have to use sticky tape to secure the string to the rods.

4. Lay your kite frame onto your butcher’s paper and trim around the frame leaving a 2cm border. Fold the border over and secure with glue or sticky tape.

5. Take your medium length of string and tie it to each loop at the top of the vertical dowel rod. Make a loop in the centre of this string directly over the centre point of your kite which should be where the two dowel rods intersect.

6. Attach the last piece of string to the loop of one of the vertical dowel rods. Tie your material scraps in even intervals down the string. This is your kite tail and gives your kite stability.

When you go to fly your kite you will need a pencil and ball of string. Stick the pencil through the central tube of the string and make sure it runs freely over the pencil. Tie the end of the string to the loop you made in the centre of the kite.

PLEASE NOTE: This kite is for light winds and will not last if you tackle heavy winds.

As you can see it is not that hard to learn how to make a kite, a few tricky bits, but very worth it for lots of fun! Now hope for a windy day and then go out and have some frugal fun.

More info on how to build kites for kids can be found at this fabulous DIY kite website!

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