Simple Green Living

What is simple green living all about?

tree huggerPerhaps you are a little bit of a skeptic or the only "green people" you have met are really weird and make you feel like you have to opt out of society, live in a commune and become a vegetarian!

Not so! Pursuing a lifestyle of simple green living is for everyone - no matter what your age, creed, race or religion is. It's for you whether you live in an apartment, in a small home, in a rural area or on a farm.

Simple green living is not about going back to agrarian lifestyles, or about becoming self sufficient (although that is a possibility) it is simply about becoming aware of what it means to be a steward of the earth and ensuring that all the things we do are done with energy efficiency to the fore!.

The hidden bonus to the small steps you will make towards simple green living is that your health will improve, your family relationships will improve AND your wallet will not be so heavily relied upon.

OK, I will now admit that I have always been a closet tree-hugger, but "they" always make it so hard to live a green lifestyle, that I never "came out"!

So after years of doing a little bit here and there, 2008 was a watershed year for us in our home. We took back ownership of one area of dependency on others and learnt to grow our own food.

This one step has caused a snowball reaction into so many other areas of our lives - come and join an ordinary family on a journey from living a accepted westernized way of living to a greener lifestyle.

Come with us on a journey that you will never regret - let's go forward towards simple green living!

What other information will you find here?

  • Information on climate change and global warming
  • Why is recycling important?
  • How to set up easy recycling systems
  • How to minimize your CO2 emissions
  • Frugal tips for a green lifestyle
  • Homesteading Skills
  • Solar power and living off the grid
  • And so much more!


How Green Can You Go?

For long time green folk, you may find my simple green living tips already implemented in your home. This GO GREENER section is for folks like you who want to go deeper, more extreme or simply want to know how green you can go!

These are not challenges for the faint hearted! These are for the die-hard ECO WARRIOR'S among us! So wherever you see this character, be sure to know that you will be challenged to take that further step towards a green lifestyle.

The biggest step you will make!

A large portion of this website is about learning to grow your own food. Whether it be in window boxes in your apartment kitchen or in containers on your patio, or even if it is your own veggie plot or allotment on your property or rented elsewhere.

No matter where you are you can grow something, if not all, of your vegetables!

Don't be afraid to take this step into a healthier lifestyle by growing vegetables - trust me - it becomes an addictive past time once you get started!

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