How To Grow Radishes

By | December 20, 2013

Learn how to grow radishes which are great for salads, quick to grow and a very satisfying little vegetable.

how to grow radishesIn a home vegetable garden it is always worthwhile to grow some radishes, even more so when you have children. Radishes are quick growing little dynamos which encourage children as they do not have to wait long for their first harvest.

Radishes can also be grown in containers on sunny balconies and patios.

Growing radishes – planting

Sow seeds directly into freshly dug over, composted soil in drills. Space the rows about 10 cm apart. When the seeds germinate thin them to the strongest seedlings.

Long term care & harvesting

Slugs and snails love new seedlings and you need to be diligent about protecting your radish shoots. Keep well watered until germination.

Harvest as soon as the root is large enough to use as they will soon become woody and loose their crispness.

Quick Notes

When to plant: Almost all year unless in a snow area.

How many plants: 1 row is normally sufficient for a average family.

How long to harvest: 4 – 6 weeks depending the season.

Successive planting: Every 3 weeks.


The red root can be sliced very thinly and added to your salad. Young leaves can be added to salads too.Certain varieties grow to larger sizes and can be used in stews.

If you enjoy vegetable juices, you can add one or two to your carrot and orange juice for a bit of tang!

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